To Benefit:

To Benefit:

Monday, April 7, 2008

Consolation Matches

Hey Everyone-

I just wanted to explain the concept of "consolation matches." Immediately following the first round of eliminations, we'll be randomly selecting two teams to play a 10-cup match for a prize (we may mix it up and have these games be a bit out-of-the-ordinary). After the first round, we'll have these matches on a pretty consistent basis- we're looking to have about 10 of them! So if you're worried about getting knocked out in the first round, don't worry, you still have a pretty good chance of winning something good. To give you a preview, some of these prizes include:

-Nationals vs. Braves tickets (some good seats too)
-Nationals vs. Cubs
-Gift certificates to District City Chop House, RFD, Fado, La Tasca, Gordon Biersch, Hooters, Austin Grill
-T-shirts, hats, pong accessories, etc.
-More to come...

Also, we've got a bunch of free give-aways so we don't plan on anyone leaving empty handed...

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