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To Benefit:

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Tournament Rules

Single elimination, 2-person teams

10 cups will be arranged in a pyramid at the center of each end of the table; 12 cups in the FINALS and SEMIFINALS

24 oz. will be distributed evenly among the 10 cups; 36 oz. for 12 cups

Team members each shoot one ball in consecutive turns

Re-racks at 6 and 3 cups

“Elbow Rule” in effect; when shooting, a player’s elbow must be at or behind the end of the table

RULE CHANGE: After the last cup has been hit, the opposing team WILL have a chance at "redemption" ("shoot until you miss" rule in effect)

Redemption may lead to a three-cup overtime; consecutive overtimes are permitted; the team that shot last (leading into redemption) will shoot one ball first

Balls must be dipped in water prior to every throw

No blowing the ball out of the cup

Bouncing is permitted; if a player bounces a ball into the opposing team’s cups, then two cups are to be counted as sunk

No “loose ball” (players cannot regain possession of the ball after they have shot- with the exception of the next rule)

If each of the team members make both of their consecutive shots, then both balls will be returned to that team to shoot again

Accidental interference before the ball has hit the cup (ex. accidentally knocking the ball in mid-air) will constitute a “re-do”; intentional interference will constitute a one-cup penalty

A cup may not be intentionally knocked over by a hard throw (however, shots that are intended for a “normal” throw that knock over a cup will count)

First shot will be determined by random bracket position; whichever team is on the lower half of the bracket will shoot one ball first; the opposing team will then shoot two balls

If a player knocks over their own cup, that cup will be counted as sunk

It is not required to fill cups with alcohol; the losing team is not required to drink the winning team’s cups

There will be no type of shot which constitutes an immediate win (ex. hitting the cup that the opposing player is drinking)

Table referees have final judgment on rules

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